Theme Support System

In general, there are 2 types of theme support as follows:
1) Theme support by ThemesPreview – Free Support
2) Theme support by other theme designers

1) Theme support by ThemesPreview – Free Support

Top Priority – Functionality Issues
If you encounter functionality issues (eg. themes display wrongly in Firefox), we’ll look into that as first priority and will try to address the problems within 3 working days. You can post the problem in the comment section of the theme page.

Less Priority
If you want us to add/modify features to the themes, please use our contact form and leave your request. We’ll do a feasibility study of your request and release a new version if needed. Please make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so you’ll be notified whenever a new version is released.

We don’t support plugin issues. Our themes are not designed to work with ALL plugins and we will not provide any support if it is a plugin issue.

2) Theme Support by Other Theme Designers

For other themes not designed by ThemesPreview, we do not provide any support for them. However, some designers DO offer support for their themes. To know if you can get support for a particular theme made by other designer, find this phrase “Themes support available” in the theme page. If you can’t find it, most likely the designer will not provide support for the theme.

However, we do not know what type of support the designers offer and whether they provide it free or paid. You have to visit the designers’ websites and check it with them.

Themes with support will be awarded 2 points.

Note: We can’t validate each designer to see if they provide theme support so we need your help. If you send a theme request to the designer whose theme shows “Themes support available” in the theme page but they fail to reply to you in any form, please let us know. We will then remove this feature from the Optional Feature section of this theme.

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