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The theme quality varies from one designer to the other. We have a system in place to rate these themes.

The themes listed on this site contain work from the designers of other websites as well as from

For every theme that is listed on this site, we tested it rigorously against all the following criteria:

Must-have criteria

A theme MUST pass the must-have criteria as follows to be qualified at least a listing on

no Description
1 Successfully installed on the latest version of WordPress Detail
2 Quality Graphic/Image Detail
3 Widget Ready Detail
Optional Criteria
no Description Points
1 XHTML W3C Compliance 3 Detail
2 CSS W3C Compliance 3 Detail
3 Themes support available 2 Detail
4 Compatible with IE6 1 Detail
5 Compatible with IE7 1 Detail
6 Compatible with Firefox 2 Detail
7 Gravatar Supported 1 Detail
8 Auto adjustment within the sidebar 1 Detail
9 Auto adjustment within the post area 1 Detail
10 Floating Content within post area 1 Detail
11 Proper Image Alignment 1 Detail
12 Proper Display of Sidebar Link Hierarchy 1 Detail
13 Special Effect Variable Detail

When a theme passes one feature, points will be given. The total score (in percentage) of a theme is what makes one theme better/worse than the other.

Themes that have scored more than 90% will be awarded a Certified Gold status.
Themes that have scored between 75% and 89% points will be awarded a Certified Silver status.
Themes that have scored between 60% and 74% points will be awarded a Certified Bronze status

Note that all the themes designed by ThemesPreview pass ALL the must-have and optional criteria.

How to calculate the total score in percentage?
Take the total passed points and divided by the total points of all the tested features. Multiply that number by 100 and you’ll get the total score in percentage.

For example, if a theme is tested against criteria #10, #11, #12 and if it passes criteria #11 and #12, it gets 2 passed points. Divide the passed points (2 pts) by the total tested points (3 pts) and the total score for that theme is 67%

All themes will be tested against at least 8 optional criteria.

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