Score: 100% Gold What is score?
iNove theme inspired by MacZone. It is very stylish, widget supported and doesn’t require any plugin. You can use the "Theme Options" to write the "notice" which will display at the top of posts on homepage, and "showcase" which will display at the top of sidebar.
Theme Author: mg12
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Full Test of iNove

Theme Tested on: Wordpress ver 2.6.3
Theme Preview on: Wordpress ver 2.8.3 (Strict Test)
Why are there 2 Wordpress vers?

 no.Tested CriteriaPointPassFail
1XHTML W3C Compliance3 
2CSS Compliance3 
3Theme Support Available2 
4Compatible with IE61 
5Compatible with IE71 
6Compatible with Firefox2 
7Gravatar Supported1 
8Auto adjustment (sidebar area)1 
9Auto adjustment (post area)1 
10Floating Content within post area1 
11Proper Image Alignment1 
12Proper Display of Sidebar Hierarchy1 
13Special Effect: Theme Options2 
 Total 20 pts20 pts 
 Theme Score100% 

For the details of each of the tested criteria above, click here
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7 Responses
  1. mindreader says:

    Beware of the trojan link relay in footer in the download!

    And this gets a 100% rating, unbelievable…

  2. figaro says:

    The iNove theme is among the best WordPress theme available. See some basic customization of it at the link below…changed files are available for download.


  3. Joe says:

    I have an issue with your theme – I can’t change/edit widgets within any of the north/south/east/west sidebars.

    Through the design editor, it says no widgets are being used – however, when you visit the site, the default widgets are in use.

  4. bp says:

    Joe, I have the same problem. I found the most helpful advice on figaro’s site – he commented above you. However it does not address our problem. I also cannot find basic html tages in any of the css page templates to edit.
    Anyone w/ advie please post comments. Thanks.

  5. Francois says:


    Thanks for putting out this theme; i love it. I’m upgrading to the latest since i can really us the page without sidebar template but i’ve noticed that when using the sidebar, “Categories” is within a second column.
    Even after going into the actual code, i couldn’t figure out how to ensure that the sidebar would be under a single column.

    Can you assist me please?
    For better understanding: http://www.citronetvanille.com/wordpress/

  6. 歇歇脚 says:

    i will try this theme next time! thanks a lot!

  7. 歇歇脚 says:

    looks like very nice! so cool! it will be my next choice!

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