Hello, my name is Arthur. I am the owner of this site. Together with a team of trained web designers, we are bringing you something you have never seen on the web.

Why did I start this site?
I want to find a way to effectively review WordPress themes. How many times have you searched for a free theme that fits in your blog only to find out the theme doesn’t work? Do you feel that all the free themes can never match the quality of the paid themes?

Indeed, there are many free themes out there having certain extent of coding issues.  However, we can’t conclude all the free themes being having inferior quality. Some free themes can have the quality of premium themes also. The theme quality really varies from one theme to another.

How to find out if a theme is good requires a lot of testing. And since there are no sites providing reviews and ratings for free themes, the only way for the users to find out is to test them themselves.

Our team bears this in mind and decided to create a portal of free themes found on the internet and do a detail review of each theme. Our goal is to help all the users take the minimum of time searching for their most suitable themes.

This is how it works. We have a checklist to test a theme. Each item in the checklist is grouped into one of the 2 categories; namely, Must-have criteria and Optional criteria.

If a theme fails any of the must-have criteria, it will be rejected by our team.

If the theme passes an optional feature item, we assign points to the theme. The total score is what decide if the theme gets one of the following standings:
1) Listed on ThemesPreview without Certified status
2) Listed on ThemesPreview with Certified Bronze status
3) Listed on ThemesPreview with Certified Silver status
4) Listed on ThemesPreview with Certified Gold status

Themes with the Gold status are having the most points and also the highest standard.

For the details of how this works, please go to our theme test criteria page.

We also design our own themes and all our themes has passed both the must-have and optional criteria.

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